PCIC2024 conference submissions are subject to a single-blind peer review process by a minimum of two reviewers. Reviewers are members the conference’s international Program Committee of experts in fields specifically matching the conference topics.
The review criteria will follow the following principles:
1) Innovation: There should be a profound understanding of the research topic in the field, innovative research methods, breakthroughs, practical or applied value in the paper's results, and guidance for practical work.
2) Research Level: The paper should focus on the forefront or significant difficulties and challenges of the profession or field, demonstrating a certain degree of innovation, theoretical depth, and foresight.
3) Writing and Expression: The paper should offer unique theoretical insights, present new perspectives technically, and provide fresh insights in application.

The six (6) basic criteria.

Relevance to conference
Scope & Topics
Length of Paper
Potential Value

The time required for the review process is dependent on the response of the referees, usually 2-4weeks for one paper reviewing. Authors will get notified of Decision and Revision after the peer review process.